15 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Aggressive People

15 Questions You Shouldn't Ask Aggressive People

Sometimes question can really get us sad !! below i will be sharing some few question , you should avoid saying or asking people

  1. What is your biggest weakness. Or any job interview question for that matter.
  2. Would you like to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to donate to [insert charity here]?It just feels manipulative. If you say no, you feel like a jerk in front of anyone within earshot
  3. What if you change your mind and decide you want kids?”
  4. In my senior year of high school, “where are you going to college?”
  5. You’re really left handed? How does it feel” Bitch how do you expect it to feel?
  6. Do you play basketball? (I’m on the taller side and it infuriates me when people ask that) Nope. Just running and swimming.
  7. Why are you alone? Aren’t you lonely?
  8. What are you depressed about? Depression doesn’t have to be “about” anything
  9. When are you going to have kids?
  10. Why do you drink ?
  11. What`s your secret ?
  12. Why are you in my house?
  13. Why don’t you have a Girlfriend?
  14. Are you having fun? You don’t look like you’re having fun
  15. Why are you still single?

feel free to add more on the comment box!! and always share with friend to make them laugh just as you did

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