17 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Drink Alcohol ( Personal Reasons Shared)

We all have that one friend who don’t like taking alcohol , but let me ask you ? have you ever ask them to know the reason why they don’t take alcohol ? or you just laugh at them ? well!! below are 17 personal reason  shared by people who don’t like alcohol


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1 Twixy2 
My dad abused alcohol so I have grown up with hate to it      

2 PhoenixUnreal
It’s expensive, and I’m poor.

3 Red0818
Mostly because I feel like crap after drinking.

4 Happylittle_tree
As an asian, I can only drink one bottle of light beer or else I’ll turn into a walking tomato

5 Elubious
Lack of interest or desire to.

6 Shaderfaderf
It interacts badly with my medication
*Edit: I take Prozac and Topamax

 7 Bonepick
I became dependent on the stuff to sleep. Drank whiskey every night for about 7 years. Been sober since June 30th.

8 KatyLiedTheBitch
I used to, but it became a problem very quickly. This December will be 7 years sober.

9 WhenAllElseFail
grew up with siblings that’d get thrashed and i’d be the one going out at 3am to pick them up and i saw how they acted from it.

Plus i think it tastes like shit.

10 Voksul
I don’t really like the idea of taking psychoactive substances. I like being lucid and accountable to myself. People don’t generally respect that reason, though, so I just use a better excuse now. I was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy so I can just say that I shouldn’t drink because of the medication I’m on, which is true.

11 SMW22792
Being a diabetic, it makes for controlling blood sugar that much harder. With enough consumed, I’m prone to not give a shit about anything either. Which leads me into my second reason for not drinking.

I enjoyed the, “fuck it all,” feeling alcohol gave me way too much. Anxiety melted away. So much so that the things I needed to give priority to weren’t getting it anymore. When I drank, I always wanted more.

Once I start drinking, I usually don’t stop until I’m drunk. I never drank socially. I drank to alleviate stress.

My last time drinking was during the super bowl. Ended up throwing up until the sun came up. Keytones were sky high, so I’m not sure if I was experience alcohol poisoning, or if I was going through diabetic keto-acidosis.

Never had a real interest in trying it, and I can put the money towards better things

13 illegal_child
I absolutely hate alcohol, it literally ruined my whole family (half of em are alcoholics), my dad would always become violent and he’d beat the shit out of my half brother, mom and me and would always blame us for him getting pissed. I still remember how my brother would scream, while I was forced to listen to it in the other room, I’d always feel bad for him (I was still a child in that time and my bro is older by 7 years). He’d normally blamed us for EVERYTHING, like no joke. There’s also some other things, I won’t mention them, cuz at this point I don’t really want too.

14 luddinizer
Finally something I can answer. I’m 29 years old and never had any alcohol.

Why? I just never got started. I was never invited to any of those parties during high school when most of the kids back then started out drinking… so why should I start drinking at all? Honestly, I have been thinking about trying out a beer sometime… but I’m just afraid of getting that depressing feeling and realizing of what I’ve been missing out all my life when I refused drinking alcohol… :/

15 Bahamut1988
My dad is a chronic alcoholic, and I vowed never to become like that. Don’t like how it tastes, and I think the culture of LETS GET SMASHED AND ACT LIKE FUCKING IDIOTS is retarded.

16 Norulers
It makes me fat, stupid and lazy.

Also, at 64 years old, if I live to be 90, that means I have 1,352 weeks left. That’s one week for each dot below. I don’t want to waste another day

17 Nicksg983
I just prefer smoking weed.

I’m more of a low-key personality. Alcohol makes me loud, dumb and obnoxious. Weed makes me relaxed, happy and chill. I hardly ever drink since I started smoking. For me and my weed-smoking friends, it’s a great time when we smoke, chill out, relax and laugh at stupid stuff for a couple hours.

Alcohol tastes bad, makes my stomach hurt while I’m drinking it and makes me wake up with a hangover. It’s also not good for your body, but given the infrequency with which I drink, that’s not one of the main factors stopping me. I just don’t like how it feels.

The act of rolling and smoking a nice blunt is just something special. I will always choose a blunt over a drink. It has done wonders for my stress and anxiety

Now let me ask you :  what is your reason for not taking alcohol

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