Germany Student/Employment Visa Application Guide

Germany Student/Employment Visa Application Guide

Educational Purposes 

The benefits of studying in Germany either as a first-degree student or Post-graduate degree applicant can’t be overemphasized as a candidate stand the chance of earning employment instantly after graduation as well as enjoying tuition-free studies.

Benefits of Studying in Germany

  • The authorities will at the candidate’s request; assign one to a firm related to her field of study which means the candidate can work and study at the same time.
  • International candidates stand the chances of enjoying tuition-free studies within Government-owned institutions provided candidates have passed the German Language Proficiency test earning at least the A1, A2 and B1 certificate.
  • Access to great number of employment opportunities immediately after graduation.

Student Visa Application Requirements

  1. School Transcript: For the most recent school attended, a candidate will have to provide transcripts for at least the last four years of study.

  2. International Passport: This is the primary document for anyone hoping to travel outside her country of residence at any time.

  3. Passport Photograph: The German passport photo standard for student visa application is 35mm by 45mm. Candidates are advised to always check out the Germany Visa Application website for updates or changes.

  4. German Language Proficiency: For those with the intention of studying in Government-owned institutions this is vital but may not be as important if you wish to study in private owned institutions as candidates pay their tuition fees in full.

  5. Admission Letter: Gaining admission into any university of choice before visa application enhances chances of visa approval, as the admission letter is expected to be presented during visa appointment.

  6. Visa Fee: A none refundable sum of €80 (about N24,600) is paid either by bank draft or online and proofs shown. Candidates are advised to have the proof of payment teller with them during visa appointments at the consulates or high commissions.

  7. Application Form: Candidates are to print and duly sign Form,  attach all necessary documents and submit to the consulate or high commission.

Employment Purposes

Germany is a nation endowed with industries and companies create openings regularly and needs staffing every now and then.

Skilled candidates are always at great advantage when seeking greener pastures in Germany as they are easily absorbed into the commercial and industrial world.

Germany Student/Employment Visa Application Guide

Visa Application Requirements 

  1. Visa Application Form: Properly signed and filled.

  2. Bank Statement: This should cover at least the last six months of financial transaction history and in a case where one has a sponsor, the sponsor’s statement of account is included covering six months of financial history. Candidates are advised to engage professionals or visit for the guide.

  3. Proof of Accommodation: It has to be a paid hotel room reservation or letter of invitation with a verifiable accommodation address when the candidate has someone in Germany expecting her visit.

  4. Letter of Introduction from Work: This shows the candidate’s career background and responsibilities. Candidates are advised to engage professionals or visit for guidelines on standards.

Please refer to the previous article on Schengen Visa Procedures, Guides and Requirements for other necessary steps and basics.

NOTE: Book visa appointments at least 30days before the intended date of departure so as to avoid unforeseen hassles.

Good luck!

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