Man Spotted Keying A Car, Bitter Reason Why People Key Your Car

When some things happen we would be like Oops how can this be possible? can this really happen ? could this be a kid doing all this? Noo some jealous grown-up people can still key your car: The question here is ” Why would an adult key a car? let find out why !!! scroll down to read some reason why people key cars

Fun times when people key your car from trashy

Below are the reason why people key other cars and go free 

1. Because he’s probably bitter and jealous that someone has something nicer than he does.

2. Apparently it was a parking space dispute. I remember seeing an article on this a few weeks ago, the person who keyed the car got arrested

3. Some people just hate that you have a new or better car. The first 3 days having mine some asshat did this on my door.

4. It’s probably because his wife won’t touch him and the only physical human contact he gets is handshakes from business meetings

5. Probably got small dick syndrome

6. Envy actually. Jealousy is when you’re afraid of losing something. Unless perhaps he is afraid of losing V8’s to Hybrids

Are you still confused? ok below are the personal experience from people around the word

unnecessary_kindness said: My friend bought a Lotus Evora and in the first week it had the biggest keyed scratch across the entire left side of it.

Parked it in a relatively high-end part of London too (Chelsea).

Completely ruined what was otherwise a wonderful experience for him.

Nachotacosbitch said: When I bought my new Lexus black. Some asshole pried as close as they could to my door even crossing the lines of the spaces just to door ding me. Either that or they were terrible drivers.

Girlfriend saw the mark and saw their shit car. She proceeded to kick in the door panel.

Never heard anything from tha

867-53OhNein said: I feel you, I drove an absolute piece of shit car for 10 years – it was dinged, had hail damage, the front panel crushed, and it was embarrassing to drive. I scrimped and saved and finally bought myself a new car that I was so proud of. The night I bought it I met my friend and her family for dinner and when we all came outside to look at my car I immediately noticed a brand new, very deep ding, the asshole parked next to me had obviously opened their door full force into my brand new car

TheBahamaLlama said: Same thing happened to me over ten years ago and I’m still mad about it. I hand washed that car every week when the weather was nice. I was young and proud that I could afford a new car even if it cost about 25k brand new. I grew up around cars and on the very low side of the middle class and was taught to appreciate what I have and respect others’ properties. …anyway, as I said, I’m still mad about that door ding and I haven’t owned the car in a long while.


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