Types of Meal Prep Everyone Should Know

Planning to meal prep? But don’t know where to start. On a lazy morning or after a long tiring day when you open your refrigerator and find out that you are already ready with the meal, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, that is exactly what meal prep means. Meal prep basically means prepping for meals. It saves your time in the kitchen and also serves your emergency hunger.

Types of Meal Prep Everyone Should Know

Meal Prep requires planning. You don’t have to start prepping for 30 days. Initially, start with basic 2-3 days and then move on to a week.

Types of Meal Prep Methods: A Beginner’s Guide

There are different types of meal preps. Depending on your comfort choose accordingly.

1. Ingredients Prep

If you enjoy preparing fresh meals then you can use the ingredients prep method. In this method, you can prepare the ingredients beforehand. Chop all the veggies, marinate the meat, prepare sauces, and get all the spices ready in advance.

As these are the common requirements for most of the dishes you can just take them out and start cooking your dish. This will save your preparation time and cut short the overall time.

You can always plan ahead what you will be cooking for the next few days and then have the ingredients prep accordingly.

2. Single Serving Meals Prep

Single serving meal prep means prepping meals for one. You can divide the portion of food into parts that will serve one person.

For example, you can divide the ingredients needed for a smoothie in airtight bags. So that you can just take out one bag and put the stuff into the blender to make a smoothie in the morning.

Similarly, for foods that can be stored after complete cooking, you can prepare and store them in containers for single serves.

3. Fully Prepared Meals

Just like a single serving meal you can prepare an entire meal and store them in the freezer. Plan the meals according to your needs.

4. Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking is taking Fully Prepared Meals method to a higher level. You can cook multiple meals and divide them into parts. Put the meals in containers and store them in the freezer. This method is suitable for dishes that can be prepared and stored for days.

Final Words

I hope this post made meal prepping easier for you. You can start with basic like ingredients prepping and then move on to batch cooking. Initially, it may be difficult but don’t give up.

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