What is Meal Prep? A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep Ideas

We are often confused about what to make in lunch or dinner. We normally think just before entering the kitchen what to prepare. But if we plan ahead won’t that be easy?

Planning what to eat, what to prepare, and getting a few meals ready is basically Meal Prep. Meal prepping makes our daily routine easy.

What is Meal Prep? A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prep Ideas

How would you feel when you enter the kitchen after a long day at work and you open up the refrigerator to find food already ready inside? And now all you have to do is put the food in the microwave and your meal is ready. This is absolutely possible with Meal Prepping.

A Beginner’s Guide For Meal Prepping: 5 Quick Steps

So, now that you know what Meal Prep is let’s move on to the basic guidelines.

Step 1: Choosing Method

There are 4 methods for Meal Prepping. Based on your choice you can choose from – ingredients prepping, single-serving meal prep, fully prepared meals, batch-cooking. You can find it in more detail in our post- Types of Meal Prep Everyone Should Know.

If you are a beginner then I suggest you start with ingredient prepping.

Step 2: Planning Food

Now after choosing your method, next you have to do is planning food. This step can be broken into 2 parts.

  1. Planning What to Prepare- Decide what all the dishes you wish to have.
  2. Planning When to Prepare- After deciding what to have you can schedule the dishes accordingly. You can plan it for an entire week.

Step 3: Shopping

After having made the list of food you want to make for the week the next step is Shopping. Make the list of the food items that you require to prepare the dishes and go to the market to buy those items. In case 3 of your dishes require cherry tomatoes then buy them accordingly.

Step 4: Preparing

Once the items are stocked up you can now move on to the most important step i.e., Preparing. Make your ingredients or meals ready according to your planning list.

Step 5: Storing

Now that everything is ready the last step is storing. For fully prepared meals you can use airtight containers and for some dishes like smoothies, you can do ingredients prep in plastic zip-lock bags. Then put those bags and containers in the refrigerator.

Final Words

I hope that now you are clear with what is Meal Prep. It can be difficult at the beginning. Just follow these basic steps and you can find yourselves enjoying Meal Prepping.

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